Raise Your Vibe! Digital Meditation Collection


Raise Your Vibe! is a downloadable collection of guided meditations for the soul. Each meditation was divinely inspired to lift up your vibration, blissfully center you, heal your mind, and empower you to get connected to inner peace + love. If you are ready to elevate your vibe and attract more peace and happiness, this collection would be perfect for you!

Intention is powerful, and I have intended for each meditation to heal + uplift those who integrate them in their practice.

Possible side effects: Open up to receiving divine guidance, expanded intuition, clarity, peace, bust through anxiety and fear, let go of worn out patterns, tap into creativity, become connected to your purpose.

Included in the album:

1. Letting Go Meditation
2. Peace + Relaxation Meditation
3. Gratitude Meditation
4. Self-Love Meditation
5. I Receive Meditiation
6. I Am Present Meditation
7. 5 Minute Morning Mediation
8. 5 Minute Evening Meditation

Please note: Files are accessible through download via computer and are then transferrable to iTunes and/or mobile device players. If you would like it available via DropBox, please make a special request by sending an e-mail to and I am more than happy to accommodate!