When you say “I’m ready” the Universe guides you to the perfect teachers, books, programs, and events that will support your highest potential. You will know which ones are meant for you.

If you feel like you were guided to my work, I look forward to supporting + guiding your heart on your path!  

How much pure magic are you open to experiencing? How meaningful + amazing will you allow your life to become?

Madison, Newport Beach, CA 

Amanda has helped me tremendously! Before we started working together I was constantly overthinking the things that were not working in my life. I suffered from anxiety and codependency. After a couple of weeks of one on one coaching Amanda has helped me to find my inner love and happiness. She has given me tools and exercises to practice outside of our coaching that have truly changed my life. I am incredibly grateful for her help and I continue to work with her to become the best version of myself. If you are ready to change your life and become the happiest version of yourself I highly recommend working with her! Thank you thank you thank you for being such an amazing coach! 

1:1 Intuitive Coaching

master your magic: 7 week program

  • Tap into your soul’s power + embody your highest self
  • Over the course of 7 weeks, together we’ll dive into fears + beliefs holding you back from experiencing all that is truly possible
  • You’ll learn the tools to take with you to apply to your daily life outside of our time together
  • We’ll partner on raising your level of self-love/confidence, tapping into these feelings and embodying them
  • You’ll learn how to co-create your life with the Universe/Spirit: this includes abundance, financial flow, time, business growth, opportunities, love… nothing rooted in loving intention is off limits
  • I’ll teach you how to experience freedom from attachment to people and things, how to surrender to the flow of life, and trust that you will always be supported
  • We’ll practice expanding your intuition, dropping into your heart, + you’ll learn how to experience more magic in your life!

This is what it entails:

  • 1 initial 90 minute immersive session via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime where we’ll dive deep into what your intention is for our time together and I’ll help you get even more clear on what that is. We’ll think expansively on this together!

  • 6 weekly 60-minute one on one coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or FaceTime.

  • Each week following our session, you’ll receive a guide for the week which includes a morning exercise, worksheets, prayers, meditations, and intuitive reflections created custom for you to support the topic discussed in session

  • Unlimited e-mail/texting support for the duration of the program

  • Any books, videos, etc that may apply

  • A welcome package with some extra goodies!


master your magic: 2 day private immersion

This is what it entails:

  • Travel to sunny San Diego for 2 days together in-person (airfare and accommodations not included)
  • 1 60 minute pre-session where we discuss your intentions and get clear on how we can best direct our time together
  • 2 Full days together where we dive in 1-2 areas of your life that have been holding you back. 
  • 1 follow up 60 minute session 2 weeks after the immersion
  • Schedule for each of the 2 days: 10-5pm
  • Together we get to the the root of your fears, work through them, and create a plan on how to best move forward
  • Expand your mindset, level up your spiritual practice
  • Release old patterns and limiting beliefs through conversation, written exercises, energy work, meditations, visualizations, and intuitive guidance 
  • Healthy lunch and dinner provided on both days at beautiful locations
  • 60 minute massage at a luxurious spa in Encinitas, CA
  • I’ll take you on a tour of the Self-Realization Meditation Gardens
  • Daily morning practices together on the beaches in San Diego

I’m one of those people who gets stuck in their own head a lot. In the past, with counselors and therapists, I’ve found myself rehashing bad memories and cycling through negative thought patterns. Amanda, however, gets me moving forward. Prior to her becoming my Life Coach, I had been following Amanda on Instagram and even just seeing her daily posts had helped me tremendously, so when I found out there was an opportunity for a one-on-one chat, I couldn’t be more excited! During our discussions, I could physically feel the negative energy leaving my body and it was replaced with so much gratitude and appreciation, not only for my accomplishments, but even for my missteps. Amanda has a way of changing my perspective and not only during the time we talk, not just immediately after, but she has truly changed my outlook on life and has made me realize the power I hold when it comes to my bright future! I’m relieved to know that I always have a shoulder to lean on, to point me back in the right direction and I will continue to recommend her to my closest friends and family.

Tara, Shelby Township, MI 

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