Go from stressed out + uninspired to BLISSED out and EMPOWERED!

...then I found meditation

Raise Your Vibe! is a collection of guided meditations for the soul. Each meditation was divinely inspired + created to lift your vibe, let go of thoughts not serving you, blissfully center you, heal your mind, and empower you to get connected to inner peace + love.

If you're ready to find your zen, this collection has your name written all over it!

I've set an intention for each meditation to heal + uplift those who integrate them in their practice.

Possible results: Heightened intuition, clarity, peace, bust through anxiety and fear, let go of worn out thought patterns, tap into creativity, become connected to your purpose + higher power.

all of the below meditations are included in the collection!

1. Letting Go Meditation
2. Peace + Relaxation Meditation
3. Gratitude Meditation
4. Self-Love Meditation
5. I Receive Meditiation
6. I Am Present Meditation
7. 5 Minute Morning Mediation
8. 5 Minute Evening Meditation

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