are you ready to fall in love this year?

Do you desire soulmate level love with a man who is ready to give it back to you?

Have you settled for less than what you deserve in previous relationships?

Do you ever wonder if it’ll ever be your turn for love?

Are you ready to put the past in the past and start fresh?

I teach women how to leave the past behind + open your hearts to call in the love of a lifetime. No more settling for less than what you deserve! No more questioning whether or not it’s possible for you. 

you attract the kind of love you are willing to accept

Over the course of 5 weeks, we will be completely transforming your love life.

By the end, you will walk away feeling free from the past, confident in yourself, and knowing that love IS finding you!


You’ll Receive:

  • Five 60 minute video training modules through my membership site! Recorded for your convenience.
  • A guidebook for each week to support what you learn in the trainings
  • Guided Visualizations to add to your toolbox
  • Unlimited email support
  • Years of my experience, expertise, guidance, and wisdom!

Results Include:

  • Feeling excited for the love that’s on the way to you!
  • Leaving the heartbreaking past behind + create new healthy patterns with men 
  • Falling head over heels with yourself, creating a powerful foundation for love
  • Feeling confident as who you are now! Not a future version of you
  • Clarity in what’s truly important to you in a man
  • Tuned into your feminine energy and attract a masculine man (who leads)
  • Feeling excited about the love you’ve called in + begin to see results immediately reflected back in who you’re attracting

“I vividly remember feeling myself almost physically release what I needed to let go of as we were talking. I couldn’t believe what a difference she had made in my life in just 1 week. Those results continued as the month went on and I found myself continually amazed by how in-tune she was with my spirit and exactly what I needed. I can’t wait to continue working with Amanda in the future and would recommend her to anyone ready to jump-start positive change in their life. Thank you, Amanda!!”

melanie nall


“I took a leap of faith and invested and my life has shifted so quickly! The tools, guides, and meditations have been beyond powerful, specifically the meditations bringing me to tears most times. Our one on one session put everything over the top and confirmed I found her for a reason. The power that I feel, the confidence, love, gratefulness every single day has sky rocketed over the last two weeks. Amanda is truly an inspiration for anyone, but especially women who have forgotten who they are and need some extra help to remember. I have recommended her to family, friends, anyone that will listen and I will definitely be investing in more programs that she creates! Amanda completely exceeded my expectations, which makes sense because anything you want to be, do, or have is on the opposite side of fear. She has truly given me the mindset to walk by faith, not by sight and I am eternally grateful the Universe bringing us together at the perfect time!”

jillian pienciak


This work is life changing!


I can’t wait to support your heart in this life-changing experience! Finally get the love you deserve + feel AMAZING in the process. I can’t wait to make some magic with all of you!

supporting you in this lights me up so much!

I’ve had the privilege of impacting tens of thousands of women all over the world through my private coaching, online programs, and through the content I share! I’m super stoked to be offering a way to partner with me in this group setting.

Are you ready!?


level 1 includes all of the above

VIP level includes all of the above + 2 private sessions

By enrolling in this program you are agreeing to my Terms and Conditions

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