free your fears, trust your vibes, + master your inner magic

This is for you if you’re feeling called to:

Free yourself from fear + anxiety in your daily life

Release attachments + expectations leading to an overactive mind

Experience new levels of inner peace + harmony your soul is calling in

Strengthen and develop your intuition + self-trust to navigate life feeling empowered

Unplug from the noise of the outside world and revive your spirit

Become a confident master of your own destiny + quickly shift and accelerate your reality

Free Your Soul is a seven week transformational + spiritual experience in which you will step forward into personal freedom of the soul + self-mastery!

W H A T   I S   P E R S O N A L   F R E E D O M ?

Personal freedom is feeling free in all areas of your life. Whether that’s with money, relationships, career, family… the list is endless. It’s finally getting to show up as who you truly are as an infinite soul underneath the fear and doubt. It’s being able to fully trust yourself and strengthen your intuition. Being able to detach from the noise of the outside world, unplug from the opinions of others, and instead plug into unshakable peace and loving self-empowerment!

W H A T   Y O U   W I L L   R E C E I V E   I F   Y O U   S A Y   Y E S

During this transformation, you will receive high vibe wisdom + tools to transform your fears, release attachments, unplug from the noise of the outside world, elevate your inner connection to life’s Divine magic, and become the confident master of your destiny. You will both learn + apply the tools to your life as you go.

Y O U   H A V E   A   P O W E R   W I T H I N   Y O U   R E A D Y   T O   E M E R G E

I ‘ M   H E R E   T O   G U I D E  Y O U R   H E A R T   H O M E

Hi, I’m Amanda. Spiritual Teacher + Coach for beautiful souls all around the world. My mission is to help you remember the truth of your soul + live the life you are meant to be living — feeling free, at peace, and living from your highest expression. My work is unique in that it helps to get your mind on board to come into harmony with your heart and soul. It’s a combination of teachings, written and audio exercises, and guided intuitive visualization work. 

I ‘ V E   B E E N  R E A D Y   F O R  Y O U 

What you will walk away with from this experience will be absolutely life-changing.

Expect happy tears + many lightbulb moments!

A R E   Y O U   R E A D Y   T O   B E   F R E E ?

What your transformation includes:

Each week for 7 weeks, you’ll receive access to a new module on my Members Only site filled with content including:

+ 60 minutes of video trainings per week 

+ Worksheets and exercises to apply what you learn

+ Intuitively guided visualizations and meditations to help your mind merge with your heart and soul

What you will be receiving goes far beyond physical sight. There’s a loving + light-filled energy infused in all things I create and share. It is my intention for this to bless you in ways beyond the tangible.

 A  S W E E T   C L I E N T   N O T E 

“I felt an instant connection with Amanda, as she has an incredible energy around her, and held the knowledge that I was searching for. She gave me the tools necessary to come from a place of power, feel through my fears, realize my limiting beliefs, and gave me access to choose to re-write the old stories I was telling myself. I learned that there is no quick fix, that this is a life long practice of taking care of myself and loving every part of me, and to not be so hard on myself when I’m feeling down. I look forward to working with Amanda in the future and following her career as she is a force to be reckoned with, and I have learned so much from her. Thank you Amanda for opening my eyes to the endless possibilities!”

N I C O L E  V .  –  N E W   Y O R K,   N E W   Y O R K

The moment you say yes to this experience is the moment a brand new chapter begins in your life. I am deeply, deeply grateful to be guiding you into this.

The key to finally feeling a sense of freedom in any area of your life is to feel that freedom from within. That goes for finances, relationships, your career… nothing is excluded. Shift the inside and the outside literally has to shift along with it.

 A R E   Y O U   R E A D Y   T O   B E   F R E E ?

You’ll walk away from this experience…

+ Finally feeling free as the best version of you, and you can breathe a sigh of relief

+ With all of the tools to transform anxiety, stress, and fear into love, light, and excitement

+ Trusting yourself with a new sense of confidence and an inner knowing that you can THRIVE through anything

+ Feeling unshakable! No one can rock you!

+ Deep love for yourself and compassion/appreciation for others who may not be on this path

+ Feeling loved and supported by life and the Universe

+ Excited about life and all of the new opportunities, love, and abundance that can now show up to match the freedom you feel inside

+ With all of the tools you need to navigate life with grace and ease

+ Knowing you are unlimited and that anything and everything is possible!

“Working with Amanda has been life changing for me. When I started working 1 on 1 with her, I was going through a very difficult time and transition in my life where everything seemed uncertain. Amanda helped me get through it and rise above it. It really was like she brought magic into my life! I felt a huge spiritual shift and connection that I had never experienced before, allowing me to feel so guided and supported with so much peace and love. I began to attract things I desired almost immediately and my life got easier and just flowed. I had more clarity and felt confident that I was on the right track. Even after the program, I still implement the practices she taught me into my life every day and continue to see results. The most impactful part was the way Amanda teaches you to really feel your emotions, develop self-love, and deal with your fears, so you can move past them and stop resisting it. This process helped me so much as I faced fears I have been dealing with all my life. She guides you through powerful visualizations that really enable you to do this and visualize stepping into your highest self. Through the visualizations and meditations I experienced breakthroughs I never had before and became so excited for what the future holds. I would 100% recommend this program to other women who feel stuck. Amanda truly has a gift and I will always be so grateful that I was guided to work with her and will continue to work with her in the future.”

E M I L Y   C  .  –  B E T H E S D A ,   M D 

The moment you say yes to this experience is the moment a brand new chapter begins in your life. I am deeply, deeply grateful to be guiding you into this.

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F A Q ‘ S

Can I email you during the program?

Of course! You can email me at any time and I am more than happy to support you! You get full email access to me during the 7 weeks.

Can I enroll in this at a later time?

If you know you want to be a part of this, I guide you to enroll now. Once the cart closes, the program will be unavailable. I have no current date set to relaunch the program.

Will this work for me?

You are the magic! If you show up and complete the work, I know this will be completely transformational for you in so many ways!

Do I have this forever?

Yes! Once you enroll, you have lifetime access to this content. You can refer back to it in a pinch whenever you need it.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I’m super stoked to offer you multiple options to make this a possibility for you. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! If you say yes + it feels like a stretch, I trust it will come back to you tenfold!

My life is busy! What if I get off track?

I totally understand! The content will take you about 2 hours each week and you can break it up. If you get off track, you’re free to catch up at your own pace. You have this content for life!

Do you offer a refund?

I stand by everything I create and I want you to be happy. You have a full 14 days to request a refund, however I feel confident you will absolutely love it!

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