Hello!! I’m Amanda, Master Spiritual Life + Biz Coach.

You are infinite! You are a soul living this beautiful, amazing, perfectly imperfect, adventure of a human experience. Everything you desire is meant for you, and I’m here to help you step into all of that through the power of your heart. I’m stoked to connect with you!

I’m a former Corporate America hustler turned Master Spiritual Coach. 

I wasn’t born happy. I wasn’t born confident. and I definitely didn’t have my money sh*t together. I was extremely shy, insecure, and a doormat in my relationships with men, and got myself into a lot of debt in and after college. I had no idea at the time that I was the one attracting those experiences or that I created my reality. I thought I was a victim of it. The inner happiness and confidence I feel now once felt impossible. I remember I used to cry myself to sleep at night, feeling so alone, questioning my Higher Power, and feeling like I’d be stuck forever.

Then, as the Universe would have it, I was handed one specific unhealthy dating experience that would end up being my moment of massive transformation! In a “fed up” moment, I took RADICAL responsibility in all ways, and never looked back! Our deepest struggles hold the key to our greatest, most profound lessons.

As I embraced the deep lessons and learn to truly love myself, my transformation was SO deep and profound, and I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself. I HAD to help other women somehow, so I started a blog, which lead to becoming a coach. In a nutshell, all of this brought me to where I am today, one step at a time, + I am SO grateful for all of those experiences that shined a light on my heart and activated my purpose.

If you are here reading this, this may be a divine appointment. I want you to know that you were BORN to live in your highest potential in this lifetime! You have a bigger purpose than you might be aware of right now, and I am here to help you bring that out into the light. 

If you would have told me this would be my life 10 years ago, I would have never believed you. Although, I’d probably be pretty stoked. I am living a life wilder than my wildest dreams, have never had a deeper spiritual connection, things keep getting better, and most of all I have learned that confidence is a magic wand — both in myself and in Divine. 

Now as coach + intuitive, I am able to tune into the energy of my clients, feel into what is holding them back, help the liberate themselves, and step into their highest vision for their life. No session is alike, as I show up, move aside and allow Divine do the work through me. Wherever you are at on your journey, you’re in the perfect place at the perfect time! I’m here to support you in all ways in accelerating your journey into your highest potential.

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